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Bury in Bloom Award

Bury in Bloom Award

by Westerleigh Editor

Bury in Bloom Award

“I used to look out at the garden and think, ‘that could be amazing, it could be a nice little place to look out at’” 

We are very pleased to announce that Simon, our Crematorium Assistant at West Suffolk, has been awarded an Outstanding Achievement Award certificate from Bury in Bloom 

This certificate was presented to Simon to recognise his work in creating an Enchanted Garden for the West Suffolk Crematorium grounds. The garden features a number of plants from Simon's own garden along with plants donated to the Crematorium. There is also a sculpture, designed and installed by Simon, titled 'The People' 

We appreciate not only Simon's dedication and commitment, but the dedication and commitment of all the staff at West Suffolk who go above and beyond to help grieving families. 

More information about Simons Enchanted Garden and award can be found here - https://bit.ly/32kebH5


Simon Dedman with David Irvine and Royna Hill.	Picture by Mark Westley.