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Second Chapel and Hospitality Suite

Second Chapel and Hospitality Suite

Second Chapel and Hospitality Suite

We are now into week 8 of the building work, and everything is progressing very well. The weather has been good to us and the builders have marched ahead, digging out all the foundations, laying the new roads and starting on the walls of the chapel. The chapel should be built and watertight by Christmas and ready to open in March.

Meanwhile they have now dug out the foundations of the hospitality suite, and will making a start on the building of this very shortly.

Unfortunately our cemetery is situated in the middle of this building work and this has caused some confusion to visitors, who at first believe the cemetery has gone! But of course, it is there and carefully protected by temporary fencing. Because the normal access road has now gone, the builders have kindly created a temporary pedestrian access to the left of the hoarding.

The builders, Boshers Ltd., have been very helpful in every way. They have a gate man at the entrance helping people find their way about the grounds and also helping people to park. Parking can be a problem at times, but we have created as many extra places as we can until the new car parks become available in March.

One of our funeral directors, Phillip Fuller from Southgates in Newmarket, has been plotting the progress for us with the help of his drone. Attached is a photo taken on the 19th November, and this gives an amazing view of the area.

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